Importance of the elements of law in acting.

The elements included in the law cover a wide range of basic and fundamental concepts in addition to those specialized areas of law.

Through this article, we will expand and reinforce the fundamental concepts included in the elements of law, which play a fundamental role in understanding the actions and importance of law in society.

Next, we will address ten essential and essential elements that are immersed in human rights.

Main elements of the law.

Rules, laws and regulations:

Law is the fundamental basis of human behavior, for this reason the essence of law is based on regulation through norms that establish the actions of people in the different environments of family and society.

These regulations can be established by various actors, who have the constitutional powers to enforce them. Among the main sources from which these laws can originate are:  legislation, jurisprudence and international treaties.

Objectivity, justice, equity and guarantee of equality:

The main objective of law is to ensure justice objectively, guaranteeing equality in relationships between people or, failing that, between the person and the state.

Justice is based on the premise of treating all individuals fairly and equitably, without distinction of their origin, gender, race, socioeconomic status or any other distinctive element.

Legal actions

It refers to all those legally established processes in order to dissolve or resolve all discrepancies and ensure the rights of the parties involved in the situation.

These procedures may vary depending on the type of case and the jurisdiction in which they are located.

Legal systems

There are various legal systems worldwide, which may vary according to the historical, cultural and political tradition of each country.

Some of the most common legal systems include the common law system, the civil law system, and the common law system.

Branches of law

We can compare the law with a large tree, which is well branched and distributed in order to support society.

Therefore, it is important to mention that the law is divided into branches, each of which has an approach consistent with human activities, in order to guarantee and support people.

Thus, within the most important branches of law we can find: constitutional law, criminal law, civil law, labor law and commercial law.

Actors that form the elements of law:

Next, we will explore the actors involved that shape the elements of law.

These allow for adequate development, interpretation and application of standards to society.

Subjects of law as the main element.

In this sense, we can find two types of subjects (natural or legal person) according to their position in the situation addressed.

Active subject:

He is the one who has the advantage over the norm and who seeks to guarantee his right as a citizen or legal entity in a particular situation.

Passive subject:

He is the one who is required to comply with the norm since his actions are going beyond the rights of another.

The performance

They are all those actions to which the passive subject is obliged in favor of the active subject. Which seek to establish the activities that are expected to provide the guarantee of rights to the active subject.

The Guarantees

Once the activity is established in favor of the active subject, it is necessary to include those guarantees by which compliance with the established benefits is ensured.

In this way, the guarantees seek to correctively sanction non-compliance with benefits that result in the continuity of inequality between individuals and society.


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